Minnoco’s Pink Out Campaign Raises Thousands

Locally-owned Minnoco gas stations make $15,000 contribution to Hope Chest for Breast Cancer

Stations made donation for every gallon of E15/Unleaded Plus sold during “Pink Out” promotion

South St. Paul, Minn. Drivers filling up their cars with clean-burning E15/UnleadImage result for pink out minnocoed Plus during Minnoco’s “Pink Out” promotion in September and October raised $15,000 for breast cancer awareness and research, the Minnesota-based fuel retailer announced today during a ceremony at the Kaposia Convenience Center Minnoco in South St. Paul.


Twenty-two locally owned Minnoco gas stations around the Twin Cities participated in the second annual event, by donating two cents from the sale of every gallon of E15/Unleaded Plus gasoline to the local charity Hope Chest for Breast Cancer.


“Hope Chest for Breast Cancer’s purpose is to provide the quickest access to help with the most urgent emergency needs of local breast cancer patients. We keep them in them in their homes, with the lights and heat on, and healthy meals on the table, while they’re fighting breast cancer, by providing financial support for urgent non-medical needs. Today’s donation will help us accomplish that mission,” said Nancy Pilhofer, executive director of Hope Chest for Breast Cancer. “We greatly appreciate this contribution from Minnoco and all their efforts during Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the Twin Cities.”


Pink nozzle hand guards and splash guards at pumps helped identify the fuel eligible for the promotion. During last year’s promotion, Minnoco raised $13,000 for Hope Chest.


“The Pink Out promotion is a great way for us to give back to the community and donate to an important cause while introducing people to high-performing, cleaner burning ethanol blends like E15/Unleaded Plus,” said Lance Klatt, executive director of Minnoco. “The program allowed retailers to join forces with a worthy cause to focus awareness on breast cancer and cleaner-burning E15. E15 is a great fuel option for anyone concerned about making healthier choices because ethanol-blended fuels, like E15, reduce cancer-causing chemicals in gasoline.”


Minnesota has been a leader in the production and use of ethanol, and a growing number of gas stations in the state offer higher blends of ethanol in gas such as E15, often at a five to ten-cent per gallon discount. This 21st century fueling option approved for use in all cars 2001 and newer gives drivers a choice at the pump that reduces greenhouse gas emissions while providing their engines more horsepower.


“As a native Minnesotan, I am thrilled to work with Minnoco in support of Hope Chest for Breast Cancer and all they do to help women with breast cancer,” said Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy. “Minnesota drivers who fueled up with E15 during the Pink Out not only supported a worthy cause, they helped cut cancer-causing emissions since ethanol replaces toxic additives in our gasoline. We’re grateful for their choice and look forward to delivering cleaner options at the pump year round.”


For more information on where to find higher blends of ethanol, visit GetEthanol.com.


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Growth Energy Press Release Link: pink-out-recap-release-11-18-16_final

MZA Press Release Link: final-press-release-minnoco-pink-out-check-presentation


Written by Chris Robbins

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